What to Leave with Your Babysitter In California

When you’re away and leave your children’s babysitter in charge, your children aren’t the only things you need to leave behind. There are emergency procedures you need to notify the babysitter of, contacts, and multiple other things you need to remember in order to fully secure your child’s safety. Here is a list of some things that you don’t want to forget.

Emergency Contacts for The Sitter

If there’s an emergency and your California babysitter is unable to reach you for some reason, you need to leave behind other contacts so that they’ll be able to notify someone. This could be the children’s grandparents, a neighbor you trust, or close relatives that can reach your house or wherever the children are being cared for in a quick enough time.

Emergency Procedures for California Babysitters

You need to decide on an emergency procedure for multiple things. This could include a fire, hurricane or other storms, break-ins or robberies, or virtually any procedure you can imagine. You want your children to be safe no matter what, so you and the babysitter need to establish a plan of action in case anything bad happens while you’re away.

First Aid Kits

There are many different accidents that could happen to your children, no matter how good the California babysitter might be at keeping them safe (thus the word “accident”). Secure anything worse from happening by leaving behind a first aid kit in clear view, or notify your children’s babysitter of where they can find it in case of emergency. Pack the kit with bandages, ointments and pain medications, antibacterial creams and wraps, and anything else you can imagine that would be of use in any given situation.

If your child is allergic to something, notify your babysitter before you even hire him or her, and leave medication in case your child does undergo an allergic reaction. If your child happens to be allergic to any medications, notify your babysitter and, obviously, don’t leave the medication behind so that it doesn’t accidentally get used on your child.

Schedule for Child Care

You can leave behind a schedule for your babysitter to follow. It can be as strict or as lenient as you want it, such as “Tommy needs to be in bed at 9:30” or “Tommy should start getting to bed around 9:30.” It’s up to you as a responsible parent or guardian, but it is suggested that you leave behind at least some form of a schedule for the babysitter to go by. This will ultimately make it easier on the babysitter, and allow your kids to follow their normal, everyday lifestyle just like they would if you were home.

Babysitters and Nannies

Your child’s safety, well-being, and upkeep are the most important thing. Babysitters understand that, we understand that, and you above all need that. California Babysitters will help you in finding the right nanny or babysitter for your household and situation, but it’s up to you as the responsible guardian or parent to make sure that your babysitter understands everything that he or she needs to in order to take care of your child to the greatest of their ability. Find California Babysitters in your area using our website today and get started doing just that.

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