Five Common Mistakes Parents Make When Hiring A Babysitter

Mistakes-Parents-Hiring-Babysitters-child-careParents hiring a California Babysitter for the first time are often overwhelmed. After all, they are trying to find a caregiver to watch after their child while they are away. The research involved in searching for a babysitter is critical, yet parents still seem to overlook the important tasks. When on your babysitter hunt, there are things you need to avoid. The following are just five of the most common mistakes parents make when hiring a sitter:

  1. Ignoring References – Perhaps the largest mistake is not speaking to or ignoring references. Parents must take this opportunity to get a better feel for the sitter, as the interview may not be enough. Everyone includes references on their resume, and speaking with them is vital. The sitter may be lying about their age, experience or knowledge. Take this chance to learn tidbits about your potential babysitter.
  2. Low Pay for Child Care – Offering a low wage to your babysitter may seem ideal at first, but overtime you’ll realize it may be beneficial to offer higher wages. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to save money, but you may be reducing your chances for quality sitters. Moreover, a low wage may make your sitter feel undervalued and overworked, leaving the door wide open for less-than-satisfying results. Plus, if she is a good sitter she may jump at the next opportunity that offers better pay.
  3. Unrealistic Expectations for Sitters – Unrealistic expectations are just as bad as low wages, if not worse! It’s important that you go over your expectations with the sitter, before hiring her. If you want your California Babysitter to do a variety of tasks and chores, offer a higher pay. Remember, that you babysitter is human and she requires balance for a healthy and effective work place.
  4. Poor Training – While it’s not required to train your sitter, it is ideal. Your babysitter won’t do things exactly the way you do, and if that bothers you, you must train her. For example; you may have a certain parenting style, or a specific way of completing tasks. In order for her to meet your standards, you must first train her. If you’re struggling to train your babysitter, you may want to consider a professional sitter service. Babysitter services are available nearly everywhere and they make the process for Parents hiring a California Babysitter much easier.
  5. No Background Check – A background check may not seem necessary for babysitting specialists, but it is from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A sitter may not tell you of criminal charges or moves, meaning you’ll be hiring someone without even knowing them. Background checks are fairly easy and affordable, so don’t skip out on this opportunity to learn more about your sitter.

These mistakes can prove dangerous for your child and family. In today’s world there is no such thing as “too careful”. So take your time when hiring a California Babysitter or Nanny and ensure you can trust them.