How to Express Concerns with Your California Babysitter

When you hire a babysitter, there are going to be some things that he or she won’t get right the first time around while they’re caring for your children. Maybe they didn’t get them to sleep at the right time, or were too lenient with them and let them rule over the house. Maybe they left the house untidy, or didn’t leave a note of what happened when you requested that they did. Whatever it may be, it can be difficult and awkward for you as a parent or guardian to express the concerns you have. However, as the responsible California parent or guardian, you need to. Here are some tips that will enable you to express concerns with your children’s babysitter easily.

Compliment, Compliment, Criticize

This is otherwise known as the three C’s, and is used in multiple situations across the social playing field. The way you do this correctly is to look at two things that the babysitter did right. You can applaud or commend them for doing these two things exceptionally. If you can’t find two things, you probably shouldn’t hire this California babysitter again.

Once you find the two things and tell them, it’s time to follow with the negative thing that you need to tell them about so that they don’t do it again. An example of following through with the three C’s is “Hey, you did really great today. Thanks for getting them to bed on time and helping out with preparing their dinner. But next time, make sure to leave me a note of how everything went, okay? I’d like to be kept updated while I’m away.” The three C’s works in virtually every situation, and will aid you in expressing concerns to your child’s babysitter without sounding rude or ungrateful of their help.

Be Assertive With Your Nanny or Sitter

Don’t let a babysitter walk all over you. You need to assert the fact that this is your house, your kids, and your money that you’re paying them with to take care of your children in California. It’s up to you what goes on, the rules that are set, and how everything should be handled. Though the babysitter and your children should get an opinion in the matter, it is your final decision that’s most important. When a babysitter does something wrong, you need to let them know, even if you can’t be nice about it. If you don’t, this could lead to them doing the same thing wrong again, and will eventually cause them to not realize that what they’re doing is wrong.

Don’t Let Them Change the Rules

Whatever rules, guidelines, or boundaries you set in place are for your child’s benefit and safety. It’s how you run your everyday lifestyle, and it’s not something to be tampered with by anyone. Your babysitter needs to come in being completely aware of these rules, and know that he or she won’t be allowed to change or stray away from them. It’s up to you as a responsible parent or guardian to make sure that your child’s babysitter doesn’t. During the interview process, make sure that your California Babysitter understands all of the rules before you hire her or him, and that he or she will follow them thoroughly.

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