Safe and Fun California Activities Your Babysitter can do with Your Children

When you’re away and your children have nothing to do, they can get easily bored and thus irritated. Even with years of experience, sometimes your babysitter just won’t know what to do with them. Here are some activities that, depending on the age range of your children, will keep them entertained either until you come home or until it’s time for bed.

Babysitters Play Pretend

There’s nothing like letting the children’s imagination outlet flow quite like playing pretend with them. The possibilities are virtually endless. They could be princesses, or family members; pirates, or supernatural creatures like fairies and goblins. Your children not only get to have fun with your California babysitter, thus building their relationship for the future, but they get to let their ideas and creativity flow, which will ultimately help them later on in life.

Watch a Movie

You could buy special movies or select from the ones you already have especially for this occasion. You can set them aside for your babysitter to potentially use while you’re away. Depending on the attention span of your kids and how long the certain movies are, this could easily distract them for hours on end. Your babysitter can go further, as well, by making popcorn or special treats with your kids beforehand.

Nannies and Sitters Cook Together with Children

Reiterating what was discussed in the section about watching movies; your babysitter could cook with your children. We’re not talking a five-star gourmet meal, though. Something small, preferably colorful, that your children will love to help make. Desserts and special treats are usually the most fun to make, and can also be used as a reward system for how well your children behave. They can help the babysitter cook by adding in the chocolate chips there, listening to instructions to do something here, and help lick the batter or dough from the empty bowls and spoons when everything’s finally in the oven. It’s a fun and innovative way to not only keep your children entertained, but to get them in the kitchen and excited about helping cook.

Go Outside and Play With California Babysitters

Most young children love playing in the great outdoors, and have an endless spectrum of things to do out there. Your California Babysitter can get them outside exercising, running, playing games like hide and seek or tag, and ultimately having fun. This will not only keep your children entertained and distracted, but it will also wear them out so they’re less inclined to argue when it’s time for bed. The key to keeping children entertained is to tucker them out so that they’ll be ready for bed once they get everything else out of the way, like dinner and a bath.

Finding a Secure and Safe California Babysitter and Nanny

There are many other things that babysitters can do with your children that will keep them entertained and build a relationship with the babysitter, such as crafts, reading, or just watching television. The possibilities are endless, and the options are different for each set of children. Your California Babysitter shouldn’t be sitting around the living room couch while your children attempt to wear themselves out doing who-knows-what. They should be active, staying in the same room as your children, and overall keeping them happy and entertained the entire time.

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