How to Fire or Dismiss a California Babysitter

You can go through a lot of bad babysitters before finding a California Babysitter that’s absolutely right for you and your children. Though the hiring process can be easy, the firing process when you’ve hired a sitter or nanny that’s not right for you can be very difficult and awkward. Here are some methods to use when hiring or dismissing a babysitter gone awry.

Sit Them Down and Just Do It

When you’ve finally had enough and decided that your children’s babysitter just isn’t going to be able to stay in the picture, well you can act now. Parents could simply sit them down, in your house or wherever else they care for your children at, and explain why they will no longer be providing services for you. This can be the most awkward method of dismissing a babysitter, however, and there are easier methods other than this one. However, this is also the most courageous and straightforward way of firing a babysitter. It’s strictly up to you as the responsible parent or guardian how you want to go about it.

An example is to sit them down and explain what they did wrong, but as nicely as possible. Phrases like “I didn’t feel comfortable with how you did this, and through repeated trials I’ve established that I can no longer use your services.”

Before you do decide to dismiss them, however, make sure that it wasn’t just one mistake. After they do something wrong, explain what they did wrong, and only after repeated occurrences should you finally decide that they’re not right for you. It’s okay to be firm, because this also allows the babysitter to learn for their future babysitting jobs elsewhere. You’re not only helping yourself by dismissing them, but helping them in the long run by explaining what they did wrong.

Through Email or Mobile Phone

A less awkward scenario to fire or dismiss an unwanted babysitter is by email, phone call, or even text message. A simple “We thank you for your time and work and will pay you for the hours you’ve completed, but we will no longer be accepting your services as a California caretaker for our children” will suffice. It can be short, sweet, and easily get the point across, with hopefully no hard feelings between you and the now ex-babysitter.

Simply Don’t Hire Them Again

If you don’t have a permanent contract with your babysitter, an easy method can be to just not contact them again for hire. Since it wasn’t permanent, there’s really no reason to explain why you won’t be hiring them again for future employment. This way, you don’t have to undergo the awkward social situation, and you can start immediately looking for another, better California babysitter.

Firing or dismissing a nanny or child care worker can be a lot more challenging than choosing or hiring one, and it can put you in a social situation that is awkward and far from amusing. However, sometimes it’s something you have to do. You can prevent this from happening too often – or ever, for that matter – by using our California Babysitters website, where you can find a babysitter that will meet all your standards before you even interview them. Feel free to use our website to find a California Babysitter in your area right now.

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